The Lady & The Lantern

Dim lit chronicles of the lady and the lantern:

Look at how a single lantern can both defy and define the darkness of mundane life.  Darkness is the tragic hero of the catastrophic phenomenon we call life. In general assumption we all hate or fear the sense of any dark matter but in actuality these time of gloominess are the signifier of the brighter side of affairs. And that tiny bit of light that guides us through the dull corridor of uncertainty is the leap of faith that reignites humanity inside us.

The curse of living in a third world country often knocks at our daily life in different forms. The unglamorous occurrences of load-shedding have certainly become a frequent visitor and have successfully designed a vast impact onto our lives. As much as we hate this state of affairs we cannot deny we all have some mesmerizing memories of power cuts.

I always try to derive stories from mundane as I believe that every great story is ordinary and it’s only the reliability of that commonness makes it extraordinary. This is surely not a planned project and it didn’t even once occur to me while I was taking these photos, these frames were the result of my mere playfulness in sheer boredom in a power-cut struck evening. I was simply trying to capture the daily activities of my mother as she lit up the kerosene lantern to minimize the lure of darkness. It was later that I have realized these frames tell the story of a very common struggle, struggle that millions of people around the world face every day.

Everything in this world is ordinary it’s just our perspective and vision that make them extraordinary. Be it be some bits of my not so happening monotonous surroundings, it is certainly a part of a greater chronicle which narrates my life.



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Filmy Reality

In India movies not only represents a mere art form it constitutes a virtually alternative lifestyle. Film posters have always fascinated me with their surreal like imagery. In a third world country like India the presence of these illustrations in the streets certainly adds multiple dimensions to art form and also to the society. In a multilingual country the existence of different film industries only tribes those dimensions further.

With more than 2 million people of the country living in the streets makes me question my romantic aspirations. I was born and brought up in Kolkata and naturally fell in love with city. But that’s the thing with love you can’t undo your felling even when you despair some certain aspects of it. The people abiding most of their daily regime in the streets go on to make a special bond with film posters.

I started this project with a simple vision to capture the contrast between the film posters that dominate the streets with its all radiant glory and between those who live on the street. The disparity among that of motion picture romanticism and that of grinding truth inspired me to capture my idea of a “Filmy Reality”

Content: Saikat Chakraborty

Photos by: Subhajit Naskar


Favourite Heroine


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